Final last gasp

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Final last gasp

Postby clivercc » Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:12 am

Hi all

As you’ll see from my previous postings, I have had little recent progress with my wife. Using the RHD principles I originally made good progress in building a warmer, stronger relationship and that improved our sex life somewhat, along with the help of two bouts of sex therapy.

But I just can’t ‘heal’ the disconnect when foreplay moves to more than just cuddling. She switches off, like she has done for years. She has no motivation to move on. I received helpful suggestions like regular ‘yoni’ massage on her, but my wife is not up for that. Her phobia over “slime” and “germs” has a complete hold on her and she cannot relax enough for any stimulation to work (vibrator, fingers, only – oral is not allowed). She’ll give it 3 minutes and then ask me to stop.

She refuses to try hypno, seeing the physician, self-help or anything. I haven’t pushed these on her, just made a suggestion from time to time when things aren’t working out. I can try to be the “masterful lover, etc.,” until I’m red in the face, but all the theory just hits a brick wall. I don’t think any of the teachers on RHD have ever had to deal with a woman like this. She says she’s not asexual but she seems to react like one, probably due to her personal horrors. And no – no past abuse.

So, like my last post I have to declare I continue to be totally stuck. I see so many advertisements in e-mails from RHD contributors for ‘sure fire’ ways to hit the hot spot – like “tweak the A-Spot and she’ll have a major orgasm” etc., that I just get even more depressed. Dear readers, my wife has NO spots that do anything. She is so far off orgasming it is unreal. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Yet I still believe if she managed to experience one, it would open a few doors in her mind.

Perhaps this is my last appeal for anyone who could just give me one sure fire way a clitoris will respond regardless of brain of owner. A method, a machine, a toy, a ‘sure-fire touch’. I’ve seen a million ideas, read enough books and articles, but it all goes to a dead end.

Thank you.
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